Dogfish Head Sonic Archeology
Dogfish Head Sonic Archeology
Bottle of Dogfish Head Sonic Archeology surrounded by various ingredients

Sonic Archeology

A Prohibition Inspired Bottled Cocktail


25% ABV


Dogfish Head whiskey, rum & brandy, with honey, lemon & pomegranate juices



Tasting Notes:

Brick red color with aromas of candied fruits, citrus and rose petal with woody undertones. Balanced sweet/tart flavor of tropical fruit, lemon and a pleasant oaky astringency. 

The 1920s saw the combination and convergence of several genres of American music to be the foundation for Rock & Roll. At the same time prohibition sparked a boom of cocktailing in bustlingspeakeasys throughout the country. Sonic Archeology is our liquid tribute to the blending of sounds & spirits, a ready to drink bottled cocktail inspired by the roaring '20s & reimagined for today.

Sonic Archeology is a melding of Dogfish Head whiskey, rum and apple brandy, with honey and real lemon & pomegranate juices to create a totally original drinking experience.

DOGFISH HEAD Sonic Archeology. Blend of Whiskey, Rum and Apple Brandy flavored with Honey, Lemon and Pomegranate Juice. 25% Alc/Vol. Dogfish Head Distilling Co., Milton, DE


Dogfish Head Sonic Archeo

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Wine glass with mixed cocktail in it next to a bottle of Sonic Archeology

2 oz Sonic Archeology
2 oz Sauvignon Blanc


Add equal parts over ice.