Mellowdious Gin
Mellowdious Gin
Mellowdious Gin

Mellowdious Gin

A melodious blend of citrusy-hop flavors mellowed for a spell in used bourbon barrels


49% ABV


Juniper, Coriander Seed, Angelica Root, Black Peppercorn, Lemon Peel, Green Cardamom, Hibiscus, Orris Root, Orange Peel, Lime Peel, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Cinnamon, Chamomile Flowers, Cubeb Berries, Black Cardamom, Whole Leaf Cascade Hops


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Tasting Notes:

Bright citrus and floral herb aromas are accentuated by pepper and cinnamon. A seemingly endless evolution of flavors from brisk juniper to orange creamsicle rounded by a touch of sweetness and oak. A lively yet zealous finish with subdued intensity. 

Mellowdious Gin was one of those happy accidents, sort of like the chocolate dropping into the peanut butter. One day in 2015 when we were tasting early recipes of Compelling and Whole Leaf gins, we poured the two together and discovered the very citrus forward Compelling Gin’s profile complemented Whole Leaf 's floral-hop build. The end result was sort of super-gin

Pale straw in color with aromas of bright citrus and floral herbs accented by pepper and cinnamon, Mellowdious Gin has a seemingly endless evolution of flavors from brisk juniper to orange creamsicle, complemented by a lively mouthfeel with a zealous yet subdued intensity.

DOGFISH HEAD Mellowdious Gin. 49% Alc/Vol. Dogfish Head Distilling Co., Milton, DE

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