There are over 500 of us now…so lots of people work together day in and day out to make Dogfish Head, Dogfish Head.

Founded by Sam and Mariah Calagione back in 1995, Dogfish continues to be an independent, family-controlled company moving in a slightly off-centered direction.

When we opened in downtown Rehoboth as the smallest commercial brewery, we began with a straight forward, but unorthodox mission: off-centered ales for off-centered people. Flash forward to today. We're a bigger - but still small - brewery, with the same mission.

Thanks to a lot of awesome fans who believe in what we are doing as a company we have a lot of passionate, talented and team-oriented co-workers who have come together to grow this company into a very special community.

With bocce tournaments, dress-up days, the most ridiculous Holiday Hootenanny ever and Beer:30 Fridays, Dogfish puts a little off-centered into everything we do ... and together we are heavy!

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