Lemon & Peppercorn Vodka

Summer cocktail seasoning!


40% ABV


2- row barley , R-O Water, lemon peel, grilled lemons, peppercorn medley


Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats, Chesapeake & Maine

Tasting Notes:

Pale blonde color with aromas of candied lemon, subdued cracked peppercorn and distant campfire smoke. Sweet citrus flavors with a mild tongue tingling peppery zing. Light and refreshing with a delicate smoky finish. 


A vodka that captures the spirit of both of our Rehoboth restaurants and celebrates the launch of our new courtyard. Looking to bring these two worlds together we were inspired to combine the quintessential seafood seasoning found at Chesapeake & Maine, with a wood fire smoked twist done at Brewing & Eats.

Using Analog Vodka as our base we first distill a spirit with dried lemon peel & a medley of peppercorns. We then use this citrus-peppery spirit as a base to macerate hand-sliced, wood-fire grilled lemons from our Brewing & Eats.

The first spirit made on our new R&D system at the Rehoboth Distillery. The bottle label features the ‘Bride of Frankenstill’, where we’ll continue to dream up more small batch spirits. 

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1.5 oz Lemon Peppercorn Vodka
1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
1 oz Simple Syrup
4 oz Namaste White


Add all ingredients to pint glass. Stir. Add ice.