Our spirits are rooting down in the Garden State!

Friday, February 22, 2019

Hey New Jersey … are you ready to explore goodness together? We’re delighted to announce that our 100% scratch-made spirits are headed to your great state!

“After years of bringing our off-centered ales to the state, we are thrilled to introduce our spirits to our Dogfish Head fans and to new folks who enjoy a delicious cocktail,” says Dogfish Head founder and CEO Sam Calagione. “When we set out to distribute our off-centered ales in New Jersey, it was the first time our beers were available outside our home state of Delaware. To honor that milestone, I built a canoe and rowed a six-pack across the Delaware Bay.  For our first case of spirits, I think I might need to recreate that moment and jump on my SUP board.” [He’s kidding … we think.]

As one of the first craft distilleries in America, we’ve been experimenting with small batch vodkas, gins and rums, honing recipes, and building a loyal cadre of spirit drinkers among restaurant guests and visitors to coastal Delaware since 2002. And when you visit us, you’ll find two 500-gallon copper stripping stills and a 250-gallon copper vodka column, sourced from fourth-generation custom fabricator Vendome Copper & Brass Works in Louisville, KY as the heart of our distilling operation. With consumers looking for the same goodness out of their craft spirits that led them to explore craft beer, Dogfish Head Distilling Co. offers a high-quality, distilled spirit, and an honest and authentic approach wrapped in an interesting story.

With a commitment to producing everything 100% from scratch, we use only real ingredients starting in their rawest form - never adding flavorings or bringing in bulk spirits for re-distillation. “With a distillery located in the middle of our production brewery, we get to tap into all the same world-class ingredients, equipment and processes that we use in brewing,” says Dogfish Head Distilling Co. general manager James Montero. “Using the same beer philosophy in our distillation approach, we have developed a diverse portfolio of craft spirits each offering something unique for spirits and beer drinkers alike.”

Dogfish Head Distilling Co. spirits include:

Sonic Archeology – A Prohibition whiskey cocktail inspired by the blending of sounds & spirits during the roaring 20s. We do the cocktail mixology for you by blending our scratch-made Whiskey, Rum and Apple Brandy with honey, lemon and pomegranate juice. All you have to do is simply pour over ice and enjoy!

Compelling Gin – A bright and citrusy gin inspired by the culinary mix found in our original brewpub kitchen. Using Dogfish vodka as the base, we re-distill with a mix including orange, lemon and lime peels, cinnamon, juniper, cardamom and peppercorn. 

Barrel Honey Rum – Incredibly smooth and complex, this rum is aged in new American Oak and is more like a Bourbon than any ordinary rum. This beloved rum was one of the first craft spirits created by Sam Calagione back in 2002.

Analog Vodka – Unexpectedly luscious and smooth, Analog Vodka captures the core of Dogfish Head, offering more complexity beyond your typical vodka with a touch of viscous sweetness and caramelized sugar.

Roasted Peanut Vodka – This robust and roasty vodka uses real ingredients, no extracts or flavorings here, just a handcrafted vodka bursting with goodness from roasted peanuts and lightly sweetened with local honey.

This portfolio of flavorful goodness will be available throughout the state of New Jersey beginning early March and brings our total spirits market distribution to five states, including Delaware, Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.