Shark Beer

This is a clean, golden ale brewed with an irresponsible load o' fresh hops.

The bulk of the hop character comes from 50 pounds of Wet Galena hops shipped directly from the fields of Washington to our brew-house. Once a year we utilize these super fresh, straight from the vine hops to make a unique hop centric beer.

Brewer Bryan (check out his blog post on this beer) piled the hops on top of a base made with American and German barley and a bit of German wheat then fermented it with a German Kolsch yeast. Kolsch yeast is one of the few German ale yeasts out there and leaves us with a dry and crisp beer without the normal fruitiness associated with ale yeasts. Southern Cross hops from New Zealand contribute a bit of bitterness, but the Galena hops are the star of the show providing a pungent earthy hop presence.

Shark Beer is expected to go on tap Friday, 10/1/2010 and will be pouring til it's gone!

(As an aside, 'Shark Beer' is what certain kids of some Dogfish co-workers first call Dogfish when they learn what their mommies and daddies do at work and begin to recognize the logo.)

Due to limited availability, Shark Beer will is not available in growlers.





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