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Keeping with the German theme...

Thu, 09/23/2010 - 10:50am

Hello, friends. The wet hop Kolsch is fermented out and is now in cold conditioning. Things are shaping up nicely to get it on tap next Friday. I can't wait! I will be filling a cask with this beer as well. That'll happen tomorrow and we can look forward to drinking that the Thursday after next.

Two weeks ago, Jason and I enjoyed the realization that we had an opportunity to make an Octoberfest-ish lager of some type. We sat down on Wednesday of last week to formulate a recipe and came up with an interpretation of a very traditional marzen that made use of very fine German malt and real, honest to goodness lager yeast. That was brewed yesterday and is happily fermenting away at 57 degrees. I totally love fall beers and I cannot wait until this comes out.

Coming up next on tap is a beer based on the Tellas of Ethiopia to which we added 45 pounds of local peaches from Fifer Orchards in Wyoming, DE. This should be available within the next couple of days. We'll get you better details soon.