Costumes & Karaoke

Costumes & Karaoke

Our Golden Tea Inspired Oat-Cream Ale

All dressed up and ready to go, Costumes and Karaoke is our latest off-centered ale that’s as flavorful and unique as your Thursday night karaoke performance!

What started as a Beer Exploration Journal exclusive in our Milton Tasting Room, quickly stole the show and rose to the top as a guest favorite. Which could only mean one thing … we had to bottle up that goodness and take it on the road for all to enjoy!

Taking inspiration from the traditional Indian beverage ‘Golden Milk,’ this Imperial Cream Ale is brewed with an oat cream base using a blend of equitably sourced, single-origin spices from our pals at Burlap and Barrel in NYC. That spice blend includes a complex mingling of vanilla beans, ginger, turmeric, star anise, cardamom and cinnamon.

The result? An 8% ABV creamy concoction that’s chock full of sweet and spice, and everything nice.








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Imperial Cream Ale


Gold, hazy, white head

Spicy with notes of vanilla

Slightly sweet balanced by a medium bitterness

Medium-bodied with a delectable creaminess