Ah, the age old question asked by thousands of brunch goers the world over, “should I have a glass of rose, or kick it up a notch and have a sangria?” Well, in my short stint as a student of the Spanish language, I was able to put this sentence together: "por qué no los dos!"
Why not both, indeed ... but in beer form!

This sour rose twist on the Spanish wine & juice sangria started with a base beer of malted wheat and barley, and was cofermented with white grape must, and pomegranate, blood orange, peach and sweet cherry juices. This complex sweet and sour ale is balanced by a myriad fruit notes, evoking memories of warmer times and exotic locales.

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Hazy blush pink with orange tones

Fruity notes of white wine, berry, citrus and melon

Tart and sour flavors of white wine, berries and melon

Light-bodied and quenching