An off-centered treasure is heading to the Treasure State

Monday, February 03, 2020

We’re excited to announce that our off-centered ales are en route to the great state of Montana! Locals can look for our beers on shelves and taps starting in mid-February.

“We’re ecstatic to share our lineup of well-differentiated beers with Dogfish fans in Montana, and to begin creating long-lasting relationships with the state’s beer drinkers, retailers and distributors,” says Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione. “We have our canning and bottling lines pumping out a boatload of beer, and we’ve got enough brewing capacity to ensure we can keep retailers well stocked with our family of off-centered ales for years to come.”

Dogfish Head fans in Montana can expect a gamut of our iconic beers, including 60 Minute IPA, Slightly Mighty, SeaQuench Ale and 90 Minute IPA. In addition to year-round offerings, craft beer enthusiasts will find bottles from our 2020-2021 Off-Centered Art Series, including Sun-Day-Feels, Punkin Ale and Campfire Amplifier. Limited quantities of specialty ales and rarities may be available throughout the year too.

Love a good beer and food pairing? We’ve got you covered!

Dogfish Head Brews & Montana Chews

Try a 90 Minute IPA with some Pasties. The beer’s rich, bready malt flavors will complement the pastry’s crust, and its bitterness will balance the savory, meat that fills this lunch-time staple.

Choose a 60 Minute IPA to wash down an Elk or Bison Burger. This off-centered ale’s piney hop notes will provide a nice counter to the gamey flavors found in both these lean meats.

Grab a SeaQuench Ale to enjoy alongside a Huckleberry Bear Claw. This session sour’s lime-forward flavors will play well with the pastry’s tart, berry filling, and its slightly salty finish will offer contrast to this iconic, sweet treat.