Will locations be closed to the public during these events?
Yes, as much as we would love for EVERYONE to join us, space is limited. Doors will only be open to folks with tickets throughout our WOCAAS events. However, locations will be open during the hours we do not have ticketed events. 

Is this a 21+ and only event?
Yes!! This is a 21+ event. As much as we love the kiddos, this one is for the adults.

Will beers and cocktails be sold for on-site consumption Saturday 
No.. Your ticket includes only the drink pairings available for the day.

Are any of these events pet friendly?
We LOVE dogs (I mean, it’s in our name are we right?!), but they can't come to WOCAAS, sorry!

What happens if it rains? 
This is happening rain or shine - so come prepared!

Will tours be available during the Saturday, WOCAAS Walking & Tasting experience?
Our usual tours will not be available for ticketed events, however, we will have treehouse tours available to our patrons.

Will there be any transportation?
There will not be transportation available for ticketed events except for our Dogfish Inn WOCAAS package patrons.

Are these events ADA compliant?
Yes, if you require special accommodations to make your way through the walking tour, please reach out to Justine Leaman at justine.leaman@dogfish.com.

What if I have dietary restrictions for the Walking & Tasting tour?
Sorry folks, we won’t be able to offer any menu changes based on dietary restrictions, etc.

Who can I contact for more information?
For more information about WOCAAS, contact  Justine Leaman at justine.leaman@dogfish.com.