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Province Ale Company's Windsor Ale

Introducing the fourth release from the Province Ale Company, a “wholly owned imaginary subsidiary of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery.”  For the year of 2013 we will be releasing a new beer on the third weekend of each month, which will be a recreation of an antique recipe sourced from a late 19th Century brewing manual.  Owner of the Province Ale Co., Nicolo Mastroianni (Sam Calagione), and Head Brewer Ragged Jordan (pub brewer Ben Potts) will be taking you back to a time when the science behind brewing was a little more fuzzy and the use of unique ingredients was the norm. 

Province Ale Co

This fourth release is a brew that has been “held in high estimation for several years in London.”  Brewed with Halcyon and Optic English pale malts and the finest East Kent Golding and Fuggles hops and then fermented with an ale yeast originating from London itself, Windsor Ale is a distinguished strong English style pale ale.  Straw colored with a rich bready malt character balanced by earthy hops, Windsor Ale is a throwback descendent of today’s modern Pale Ales and IPA’s. 

Province Ale Co. Windsor Ale will debut for our Province Ale Co. 'investors' (more info on how to participate here) at noon on Saturday, January 18, 2013. It will be available to other guests beginning at 4pm that same day. It will around as long as it lasts!

Due to limited availability on our Brewpub Exclusive beers, we do not sell them by the growler - sorry.




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