White Lodge

White Lodge is the next installment of the Twin Peaks inspired series of beers.  A “smoked vanilla cream hefeweisse”, this white wheat ale was brewed with smoked malt, garbanzo beans, and creamed corn in the mash, lactose and vanilla beans in the kettle, and then fermented with a European wheat yeast blend.  The creamed corn and garbonzo beans represent “garmonbozia”, or the “pain and suffering” the inhabitants of the White Lodge fear.  This ale’s smokey character lingers from the camp fire that Coop and Major Briggs had going when Briggs was abducted to the White Lodge during their fishing trip.  Along with the creamed corn, the lactose and vanilla represent the ice cream that Coop loved to enjoy with his black coffee and cherry pie, and serve to help give this beer a creamy, slightly sweet mouthfeel.  When combined together with Black Lodge for our June 2012 Philly Beer Week event at Grey Lodge, the final blend will have all of the components of Coop’s favorite meal at the R & R Diner, to create one “damn fine” beer.

White Lodge goes on tap May 18, 2012 and will be available until it is gone. Due to limited availability, our Brewpub Exclusive beers are not available in growlers.







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