Pale India Ale

Pale India Ale

Bryan Selders (Dogfish Lead Brewer) and Sam Calagione (Dogfish founder) brewed this beer with funky Indian spices donated by our pal Pete and his friends. Pete is the man responsible for Pete's Wicked Ale and turning so many folks on to craft beer back in the day.

The Pale India Ale is designed to be 6% abv bier de garde brewed with Fenugreek, Big Elachi, Green Elachi, Kalonji Onion, Garam Masala, and Tamarind Paste.


A little more on the spices... the Kalonji Onion is actually the seed of the nigella sativa plant and is in no way related to any type of onion. The seeds are widely used as a spice across India thru the middle east. Each culture which uses it has a name for it which translate into a variety of English names; all of which are usually misleading as to the actual source of the seed. Indians call it the black onion seed which is why our bag read "Kalonji onion" as that bag came from an Indian market. Also, elachi is cardamom of which we used the black and green varieties (in case anybody asks).

Malt-wise, Bryan & Sam used Belgian Pils, Belgian Biscuit Malt and Belgian Special B.

Hops were Warrior and Willamette.

Belgian Dark Candy syrup provide about 12% of the fermentable extract.

Why? Because when the weather warms up folks start craving a beer with made with 'onions'.

This beer is expected to go on tap at Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats May 22, 2009.

Due to the limited availability of Pale India Ale, no growlers will be available.





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