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I.B.Y.I.Y.B.M. is a Chocolate Coffee Porter ode to all things brewed. Two different types of coffee were used for this brew, both varieties small batch roasted to our Brewers specifications by Notting Hill Coffee Roastery, right up the road from the pub in Lewes, DE.  The first was Organic/Fair Trade Guatemalan La Voz, chosen for its rich spicey, smokey, and bittersweet chocolate character.  The first portion of this coffee was ground and added in the mash along with all of the grain.  More ground La Voz was steeped in the wort after the boil.  The other half of the La Voz was cold steeped during the brewday, and 7 gallons of this liquid was added in the whirlpool after the boil.  Finally, a second whole-bean coffee variety was deployed into the fermenter as a “dry-bean” addition – Papau New Guinea coffee originally grown from Jamaican Blue Mountain seeds.  This stuff was chosen for its bright fruity and floral notes without the heavy earthiness of other Indonesian varieties such as Sumatra.  Accompanying those beans in the fermenter was a hand full of cocoa-nibs from our pals at Askinosie.  4 lbs of cocoa powder from Askinosie was also added during the whirlpool, along with the cold steeped coffee infused liquid.  Lactose sugar was also added to lend creamy smoothness to the mouthfeel of this brew.  I’ll Brew You If You Brew Me has an intense nutty and bittersweet aroma of freshly ground coffee.  The flavor is all coffee with supporting notes of subdued acidity, earthy dark fruit, and raw cocoa.  This brew is best enjoyed as an apéritif or paired with one of our Delectable Desserts.

I’ll Brew You If You Brew Me is scheduled to go on tap Monday, November 5, 2012.

Due to limited availability, our Brewpub Exclusive beers are not available to go in growlers.


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