History of Past Years

History of Past Years is a traditionally styled Eastern European Kvass.  Along with beer, Kvass is one of the oldest documented fermented beverages.  The first mention of the term Kvass in literature is from a 10th century text called the History of Past Years, where it mentions the consumption of “bread-Kvass” after the baptism of Prince Vladimir.  Nowadays, Kvass is typically made in the home with stale bread, grain, sugar, and other flavorings like raisons.  While this is now the norm, evidence shows Kvass was originally made from a cereal mash and then was later adapted with bread, for bread would last longer as a dry product then a warm soupy mash mixture.  Our version, crafted with some of our Eastern-European co-workers, was made with malted barley, wheat, and rye, along with flours of whole wheat and rye.  It was then heated to 180 for pasteurization, where honey and a dash of hops were added.  Fresh mint was added in the fermenter, and the beverage then underwent a lactic fermentation before an ale yeast was pitched for the remainder of fermentation. The result is a wonderfully refreshing low ABV white colored beverage, similar almost to Belgian table saison, or a low ABV witbier.  Aromas of fresh mixed dough and spicy yeast.  The flavor follows suit with doughy malts, delicate floral yeast notes, and a gentle acidity.  History of Past Years is the perfect beverage to welcome the warmer days of Spring.

History of Past Years will be tapped on Friday, March 8, 2013

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