Sam and friends are at it again with another blazin’ collaboration … IN YOUR MACE! A dark, roasty beer with a tan head, IN YOUR MACE! is a coffee milk stout brewed with cinnamon verum chips from the Zanzibar Islands, mace spice, milk sugars, coffee, chicory and most importantly … chili oils, the active ingredient in Mace Brand (yep, the pepper spray).

Dreamt up by Sam and high school pal Eric Crawford, Vice President of Sales at Mace Security International, Inc, this far out beer concept celebrates a shared passion for taking collaboration seriously ... themselves, not so much.

While planning their trip to Boston for the BeerAdvocate's annual Extreme Beer Fest, Sam and Eric thought it would be great fun to brew an envelope-pushing beer together using adventurous culinary ingredients, like chicory, coffee and milk sugars, and two varieties of mace. The first being mace the spice which is the outer hull of nutmeg shell, and the other being the mighty, all-natural pepper oils found in Mace Brand pepper spray.

Clocking in at a 5% ABV and 35 IBUs, this smoky, moderately sweet stout gives off spicy nutmeg, anise and espresso aromas with a palate-warming chili spiced finish. Sam and Eric, along with our  brewers used the primary ingredient in Mace Brand pepper spray, oleoresin capsicum (a food grade version of chili oils), that won’t burn your palate but still has noticeable heat. In its raw form, the pepper oils used in IN YOUR MACE! are so extreme that the team needed to wear protection gear to brew with it!

Available on tap beginning February 2 at our Milton brewery, we'll also be hosting a limited edition 750ml bottle release on Saturday, February 17 at 11 a.m.. There's only 200 bottles (two bottle limit, per person) of this experimental brew, so be sure to get yours!







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Dark with a tan head

Spicy nutmeg, anise and espresso aromas

Smoky, moderately sweet

Full-bodied and warming