Wet Hop American Summer
Wet Hop American Summer
Wet Hop American Summer

Wet Hop American Summer

A wild ale with fresh Citra hops, still wet from the fields

The second beer out of our ‘Wooden … it be nice!’ wild beer program, Wet Hop American Summer is a wild ale dry-hopped with wet Citra hops! Available beginning Saturday, Nov. 10 at our Milton Tasting Room & Kitchen, we're releasing 1,500 (375ml) bottles at 11 a.m. Sharp!

To create Wet Hop American Summer, we started with a rustic Farmhouse base ale. After it spent more than a year in Chardonnay barrels, it was racked onto a hand-picked selection of unprocessed, freshly-harvested, whole leaf Citra hops that were still wet from the field.

Dry, highly-carbonated and chock full of intensely earthy flavors, fragrances and aromas of Brett funk, Wet Hop American Summer clocks in at 7.2% ABV. Hand-bottled – cork and cage style – and hand-painted with a special stripe signifying its uniquely-crafted touch.





Wooden ... it be nice!

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Wild Ale




Jerk chicken, pineapple upside down cake


Golden with medium haze

Funky barnyard, ripe fruit

Floral, tropical fruits, hoppy, light oak

Medium, drying