Wake Up World Wide Stout with coffee beans
Wake Up World Wide Stout with coffee beans
Wake Up World Wide Stout with coffee beans

Wake Up World Wide Stout

A breakfast themed Imperial Stout

Has something been missing in your world? Maybe a little World Wide Stout? Good news … it’s back. And this time … with a wake up call!

A breakfast beer with a purpose, Wake Up World Wide Stout is brewed with regeneratively grown grains, Finca Terrerito cold-press coffee from our friends at Rise Up Coffee Roasters, plant-based milk and maple syrup.

The latest iteration of a Dogfish Head legend, Wake Up World Wide Stout clocks in at 16-18% ABV with rich notes of roasted coffee, maple and honey. It’s robust, sweet and warming in all the right ways.

An excellent candidate for aging, be sure to grab a few bottles now and lay the others down for a few years. When it’s time to wake them up, you’ll be happy that you did!

Dogfish Head Wake Up Worl

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Imperial Stout


Jet black and opaque

Roasted coffee, maple notes, honey, and applewood

Roasted coffee, sweet syrup and honey

Robust, sweet and warming