Two Trips Around The Sun

This beer took something of a journey to get to your glass. We brewed this strong, Belgian-style ale with a blend of Pale malt, wheat, oats and rye, then added a complex spice blend of coriander, Himalayan peppercorns and citrus peels. It was open-fermented to maximize the fruitiness of an expressive Belgian yeast and a citrus-forward ale yeast blend. After that, it took a little trip across the brewery to our sour beer production area, where is was rested on second-use dried fruits, like Montmorency cherries, Mission figs and Cascara (a.k.a. coffee cherries). Several weeks of additional fermentation from the residual mixed culture present followed, lending a lovely tartness and complex dark fruit notes.







Friday, January 31, 2020

Original Release Date:


Fruited Belgian-Style Strong Ale


Ruby-brown with some haze

Notes of cherries, tobacco, brett funk and dark fruit

Tart and slightly sweet with notes of cherry, complex fruit and a mild brett funk

Medium bodied