Two-Rabbit Pulque

For Two-Rabbit Pulque, we re-created a ‘pulque ‘ as the core alcohol base. We mashed and fermented a combination of agave syrup, prickly pear, guava fruit, jalapeño chiles smoked and dried over mesquite wood as chipotle, mesquite pods and chewed maize (compliments of Sam and his Dogfish co-workers). Fermented with a cocktail of wild yeasts, this pre-cursor to our spirit contains notes of citrus, berries, pear and jam in the nose up front.  As you breathe deeper you’ll catch hints of smoke and peppers as it warms. The beer starts on the tongue with fruit notes. Late to mid finish you will experience some coco and nut flavor from the mesquite and then it will finish with a little bit of heat and pepper.  





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