Sum Thicke Bye

As a young, Canadian lad, co-worker Steve McClain enjoyed the simple pleasure of white bread and fancy molasses. From his childhood memories of this delicious snack, Sum Thicke Bye was born! Steve, with the help of co-workers Wally and Rob, and Dogfish Head Brewing Ambassador Bryan Selders, brewed this Canadian-style bitter with toasty, bready pale ale malt and gobs of fancy molasses. Its rich malt character is balanced with a heaping pile of East Kent Golding hops for a beer with herbal aromas and a noble hop fragrance. Served exclusively through a traditional beer engine, we invite you to relive Steve's memories and create some of your own with a pint of Sum Thicke Bye!





Friday, July 27, 2018

Original Release Date:


Canadian-style Strong Bitter


Orange gold

Herbal aromas and a noble hop fragrance

Herbal and bready with notes of molasses

Medium-bodied with soft carbonation