Suddenly Comfy

Remember last year when you finally finished that huge holiday meal with your family? Someone at the table makes that super hilarious and original “Good thing I wore my stretchy pants,” joke and forks clink as they hit the good china. Just when you think you’re free to roll yourself to the couch, you hear familiar footsteps … here comes Grandma. With a sadistic look on her face and her hair up in a stringy bun as to not contaminate the food, she strolls in with a tray of pies. The apple pie is beckoning you, essentially writing your name in steam as it rises from the vents carved into the freshly baked crust. You want to go for a slice, but you can’t! So you make up a myriad of excuses: “I can’t do it or I’ll explode,” “Im going to digest for a bit before I dig into dessert,” "Sorry, but I’m watching my figure.” All super valid. For those of you who don’t want to skip dessert, but can’t even think about chewing, here’s our solution!

Suddenly Comfy is our take on a fresh baked apple pie in liquid form. Brewed with all of the makings of a great apple pie, Suddenly Comfy is an Imperial Cream ale with fresh apple cider, Saigon cinnamon and Madagascar vanilla beans. Slightly tart and fruity from the cider, with an aroma reminiscent of pie crust and bruleed sugar, this is the perfect sippable dessert alternative.







Friday, November 23, 2018

Original Release Date:


Cream Ale


Hazy gold with a white head

Aromas of pie crust, struesel, cinnamon, allspice, apple and vanilla

Sweet and slightly tart with warming spices, and notes of vanilla and apple pie

Rich and full-bodied