The Steady Glow Of Tended Embers

Weighing in at 7% ABV, The Steady Glow Of Tended Embers is a meditation on the push and pull of sweet and spicy, and savory and smoky. Brewed from an artful blend of crystal, caramel, roasted and smoked malts, this strong amber ale carries the scent of cherry wood barbeque embers intertwined with the pungent, fruity spice of Zanzibar peppercorn and earthy noble hops for an elegant sip of comfort and satisfaction. 





Saturday, March 23, 2019

Original Release Date:


Smoked Amber Ale


Deep amber with an off-white foam

Fruity and earthy with notes of peppercorn, smoke, caramel and toffee

Malty and fruity with notes of smoke, spice and black pepper

Medium-bodied with an off-dry finish