Significant Other

A spiced American Pale Ale we brewed Sam's good friend, Jou-Yie and his own Significant Other, Bentley.
Jou-Yie and Bentley brought some of their favorite things to the table for the brew, starting with sage, an herb native to the Central Coast of California.  To complement the spicy medicinal character of the sage, we decided to go with Cedar from our friends at Grain Surfboards in Maine, and a very rare and special Oolong tea that Jou-Yie’s parents bring back to the US from Taiwan – hand-picked from the Chi-Lai Mountain (AKA Black Mountain) in the Nantou Region of Central Taiwan.  Brewed with all Pacific Northwestern Pale Ale malt and a blend of Liberty and Northern Brewer hops to round out the profile, menthol notes jump out up front from the sage with supporting woodsy and earthy complexity from the Green Tea, Cedar, and hops.   Lingering soft bitterness and spice complete the dense Forrest of flavors in this refreshing brew.

Significant Other will go on tap Friday, September 27, 2013 and will be on tap until it's all gone.

Due to limited availabiliy, our Brewpub Exclusive beers are not available for growler fills.







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