Plumb Braggot

Province Ale Co

Province Ale Company’s latest release perhaps travels back the furthest in time with a Medieval Plumb Braggot, brewed with gobs of local Wildflower Honey and fresh Italian Plumb Puree gathered “from Nicolo’s family garden.” A Braggot is an old style of fermented beverage that falls somewhere between traditional ale and mead, utilizing both grain based sugars and those found in honey.  For grain, the recipe calls for standard pale malt as well as a small bit of Wood-smoked floor malted barley, which we toasted over our wood fired grill.  To the base of bready and toasty English Pale Ale malts and Local Wildflower Honey, we added over a pound per gallon of fresh Italian Plumb puree.  The result is a complex fruit-fermented beverage that starts out tart and wine-like up front while finishing with doughy malt notes.  The aroma is full of complex esters of berry and stone fruit with a unique yeast-driven spiciness.  This Braggot pairs beautifully with Chef Joseph’s Venison Noisettes special for the Province release weekend.

Plumb Braggot will be tapped on Saturday, November 16, 2013.

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