Palo Santo Ahumado

Palo Santo Ahumado is a London Style porter brewed with about 44% Palo Santo smoked malt.  This is the same type of wood that makes up the aging vessels for our Palo Santo Marron.  Though, the smoking process lends an entirely different and unique character to this ale when compared to the Marron, which is aged “on the wood”.  Unlike most smoked beers which tend to have a camp fire and almost bacon-like character at times, the smoke from Palo Santo wood lends a much more perfume-like aromatic quality to this beer, similar to the aroma of pinon incense.  Notes of coconut, vanilla, and sandalwood dominate the nose with just a touch of ash of coming through.  These notes also come through in the flavor along with chocolate, caramel, dark fruit, bourbon soaked oak, and a sweet but spicy finish, with minor supporting hints of the familiar smokey camp fire coming through.  Despite its deep black color with mahogany highlights, this is one truly quaffable ale.  Perfect on its own, or a great match up with any of our wood grilled offerings or one of our delicious homemade desserts like the bread pudding or brownies and ice cream.

Due to limited availability, this Brewpub Exclusive beers is not available in growlers.







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