The Owls Are Not What They Seem

A very special blend of two very special beers, T.O.A.N.W.T.S. is 2/3 a deep black imperial stout aged in a Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrel for 3 months (2nd use) and 1/3 our Special-Cuvee Noir, a super saison fermented atop Bourdeaux variety wine grapes and then aged in the same Buffalo Trace barrel for three months (1st use).  The result is a deep, black-as-night hued liquid that is deceivingly delicious and drinkable for its formidable size and strength.  Incredibly complex, drawing notes of chocolate, brown sugar, and espresso from the stout and drying fruity acidity from the Special-Cuvee Noir, these flavors are married together with tannic woody vanilla layers from the barrel intertwined with boozy bourbon from the barrel’s original contents. This rarity will go on tap the Friday of Labor Day weekend 2014 to celebrate the unofficial end of our busy summer season, and once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.  Beware, the owls are not what they seem…







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