Notorious H.O.P.

Some say the West Coast is the land of IPA but we here at Dogfish beg to differ.  Notorious H.O.P. aka Hoppy Smalls is a collaborative brew between Ben and manager Matt Patton and is a strait forward big bad Double IPA, brewed with pounds and pounds of Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo, Warrior, and CTZ hops.  Clocking in at a whopping 141 IBU’s, you might as well be sucking on a hop cone while drinking this beer.  H.O.P. packs heat with a serious hop derived aroma of fresh cut grass, tropical fruit, and citrus. It’s given that H.O.P. rolls with mad flava, with an intense pungent cipher of interplaying resinous hops over a smooth laid back malt profile.  You can almost hear Diddy whispering “uh huh, yeeeeah…” in the background as you sip.  Of course, it loves it when you call it Big Hoppa, and that’s word to your mother.  Notorious H.O.P. couldn’t go any better with our Indulgence Burger or Dog Pile.

Notorious H.O.P. will be tapped on Friday, April 20, 2012 and will be around until it's not.

Due to limited availability, Notorious H.O.P. is not available in growlers.








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