Nassau Blend Nitro Stout

Back in the day, at Dogfish Head's original brewery in Nassau Commons, we had a special yeast blend for making our classic Raison D'Etre in our open top fermenters ... and Brewing Ambassador Bryan Selders always wondered what unique, off-centered flavors this blend of yeast could bring to different beer styles. Well, 16 years later, we're finally going to find out!

Nassau Blend is a Belgian-style stout brewed from French pilsner, dark crystal and a blend of heavily-roasted black malts to create complex layers of beautiful dark and roasty flavors. The yeast is a blend of our house-grown Doggie strain and an expressive Belgian strain, yielding delicate notes of dried fruit, pepper and clove. Poured on nitro, this delicious brew is velvety smooth, and finishes long and bittersweet.





Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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Belgian-style Stout


Opaque black with a dense tan foam

Spicy notes of cocoa, coffee and dark fruit

Spicy and roasty notes of cocoa, coffee and caramel

Medium- to full-bodied with a long finish