Beer bottle in citrus presser
Top down shot of bottle laying on mangoes and oranges
Mandarin & Mango Crush 6-pack

Mandarin & Mango Crush

Our citrusy fruit beer brewed with boatloads of mandarin oranges & mango

Are you ready to CRUSH it this summer?! The second beer in our 2022 Off-Centered Art Series has arrived! Mandarin & Mango Crush is a citrus-forward fruit beer brewed with boatloads of tart mandarin oranges and juicy Alphonso mangoes.

With roots deep in coastal Delaware, the Crush cocktail has long been a go-to summer sippers for locals, and we’re thrilled to have recreated an iconic beach-town libation in the form of a craft beer.

Clocking in at 6.0% ABV, our Mandarin & Mango Crush is a lightly sweet, hazy gold-colored brew that boasts a refreshing, citrusy tartness and a crisp, dry finish for a sip of summer in every bottle.

Featuring artwork by Max Mahn, Mandarin & Mango Crush is a beer-centric reimagining of the beloved coastal “Crush” cocktail, which is a simple combination of spirits and freshly-pressed juice obtained by ‘crush’-ing the fruit with a hand-powered press. Max brings this vision to life with a warm and lively label artwork containing a classic citrus juicer surrounded by fresh fruits, providing drinkers the opportunity to imaginatively taste the beer before cracking open a bottle.

Dogfish Head Mandarin & M

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Art Series

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Fruit Ale


Hazy gold with orange highlights

Big citrus, mandarin orange with back-notes of tropical mango​

Citrusy, Mandarin orange, mango, lightly sweet, slightly tart

Light-bodied with a crisp, dry finish