Le Kabouter de Guerre

This Brewpub Exclusive is the brainchild of brewer Jeremy Hunt - it's called 'Le Kabouter de Guerre' which means 'The Gnome of War.'

It's sort of an homage to Houblon Chouffe, a Belgian Double IPA. But, while La Chouffe's mascot is a happy little gnome, La Kabouter is an angry one. Big bitterness and big hop flavor. Jeremy dry hopped the beer and says it is a monster! The grain bill is quite simple; A lot of pale 2 row, some Munich and some wheat as well as some Belgian Candy sugar to dry it out. A Belgian yeast strain was used to add some complexity of flavor and some tasty esters and phenolics, but this is a hop bomb for sure. Using Amarillo, Cascade, and Palisade hops, between the first wort hopping, the boil additions and the dry hopping, this little angry elf should clock in at about 92 IBU's and 8.9% alcohol. All in all, it's roughly 3.1 lbs of juicy American hops per Bbl! Jeremy says he sure had a lot of fun brewing this beast and he hopes that our rabid patrons will enjoy it

Le Kabouter de Guerre will go on tap in October 2009.

Due to the limited availabilty of Le Kabouter de Guerre, growlers will not be available - sorry.







Brewpub Exclusive

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