Kernel Haslet

Kernel Haslet was brewed with our pal Ryan Frickel, one of our 'Off-Center Your Summer' contest winners. We asked him what sort of beers he liked, and he said, "Sours and IPAs."  We just heard, "Sour IPA," and off we went. First, we laid down a Hazy IPA base of pils malt, malted wheat and flaked oats. Since Ryan hails from Nebraska, we also tossed in corn grits to bring some Cornhusker pride to this collaboration. It gets all its hoppy goodness from a generous blend of hop varieties, including Cashmere, Citra, Amarillo and a new variety, Lotus. We then sent this luscious liquid over to our 'Sour Patch' and blended in a portion of our native, mixed-culture solera blonde ale for some sourness and earthy, Brett funk to go along with the tangerine and marmalade hop notes. It's a little bit Delaware, a little bit Nebraska ... Delbraskalicious? Yep. Nailed it.







Monday, November 18, 2019

Original Release Date:


Sour IPA


Hazy golden

Floral, funky notes of tropical fruit, mandarin orange and creamsicle

Tart with notes of orange marmalade and tangerine, and hints of oak and funk

Medium bodied