Have Another Donut

Here in Delaware, fall hasn't begun until you've had at least one piping hot apple cider donut from Fifer Orchards. Our pals at Dewey Beer Co. agree ... so for this collaboration, we decided to create a liquid version of this sweet, cinnamony treat. Brewed from a toasty, doughy blend of grain, and layered with fresh Fifer Orchards apple cider, milk sugar, fancy molasses, Tanzanian cinnamon and real vanilla, this beer brings a whiff of autumnal joy with each delightful sip. Go ahead ... Have Another Donut! 





Friday, November 16, 2018

Original Release Date:


Brown Ale


Hazy brown with a white foam

Toasty and doughy notes of apple, cinnamon and vanilla

Toasty with notes of apple, vanilla and cider

Medium-bodied with an off dry finish