Long before the English were making Barley Wines the Tibetans were making their version high in the Himalayan mountains. Our brew-pub exclusive version was brewed to 20 Plato with Maris Otter malt, Tibetan purple highlandprairie barley, and agave nectar. Hardtack was flavored with Rhodiola Rosea (a bitter citrusy tree root also from Tibet) and dried sour cherries in the kettle and hopped with Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand. Following fermentation a third of the beer was transferred to an oak barrel which was seasoned with Port. To that barrel we added 40 pounds of sour Morello cherries and aged it for two months. Following the aging period, we blended the wood aged beer with the other two thirds. Hardtack is complex, crisp, and strong with flavors of sour cherry and a floral aroma.

Hardtack will go on tap at our Rehoboth Beach brewpub on Friday, 3/11/11 and will be around until it is gone!

Due to limited availability of our Brewpub Exclusive beers, Hardtack is not available in growlers. Thanks for your understanding!







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