Goldenberry Sour

Every so often, we come across a truly unique ingredient and just brew a simple beer to maximize the flavor and aroma contribution of it. A few months back we found a source for Goldenberry, also known as Cape Gooseberry or Peruvian Groundcherry. It's just a fantastic fruit, rich in antioxidants that tastes like the love child of a tangerine, mango and an apricot. It's like Mother Nature's Sweet-tarts! We love the flavor of it so much, we just had to feature it au naturale in an uncomplicated base beer. Front and center in this berlinerweiss-style sour is a boatload of South American Goldenberry, providing a bright golden-orange color and complex fruity nose that goes from citrus to tropical to stone fruit all at once. The base beer has a bright acidity and subtle sweetness that makes the flavors pop with a crisp and refreshing finish. It's a kaleidoscope of fruity goodness in your mouth!







Thursday, August 29, 2019

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Fruited Kettle Sour


Hazy golden with a hint of orange

Notes of mango, apricot and tangerine

Tart with notes of apricot, pineapple, mango and citrus

Light-bodied and quenching