Garlic Breadth

When Dr. Patrick Lloyd of Obis One heard Sam was going to be at a Dogfish Head event in Wilmington, just over the bridge from his New Jersey farm, he packed up some samples of his delicious organic Black Garlic and hit the road. The next thing he knew - we were brewing a beer with it!

Black Garlic is made from fresh garlic that undergoes a special fermentation and aging process that changes not only the color but the flavor and aroma of the garlic.  Read all about it here. After some taste tests in the lab with different beers it was settled on to make a rich London-style porter, full of earthy notes from the use of dark roasted malts, that would be infused with the “Black Crack”, or dried cracked Black Garlic. 

Garlic Breadth is the result, full of toasty burnt notes along with caramel and chocolate. Black garlic was added in the whirlpool post-boil to contribute a subtle garlic layer to the aroma and flavor of the beer. Full of chocolate and espresso notes, the nuanced garlic in the finish compliments the natural earthiness of this style. 

This culinary inspired ale is quite possibly the best beer ever for pairing with one of our pizzas.

Due to limited availability on our Brewpub Exclusive beers, Garlic Breadth is not available in growlers.




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