Flux Capacitor

Flux Capacitor is a nexus between old and new, brewing history and modern innovation. The inspiration for this unique brew came from beer historian Ron Pattison and his blog Shut Up About Barclay Perkins. The recipe for this one is a recreation of Ushers 1885 Pale Ale, a beer from a long-defunct 19th Century Scottish brewery, which Ron drew up from his research. This recipe was chosen because of a couple peculiar ingredients and processes used in this pale ale Brown malt, which was a grain popular in porter and stout at the time, but never used in pale beers; and black malt which was used to color the beer, but NOT added in the mash with the rest of the grain as one might expect but ground up and tossed in the kettle for the boil. Why use brown malt at all, and then toss the black malt in the kettle? Only those crazy Scots knew but we decided to find out what kind of beer it resulted in.

The only change to this historic recipe was the hops. Instead of the European based varieties that would have been used in 1885 Scotland, we decided to go with a new experimental hop variety that was presented to us for feedback purposes by Hop Union (the main hop supplier to the brewing industry, based in Yakima Washington). This hop is so new it doesnt even have an official name yet, and only a few breweries were given the chance to experiment with it. This back-to-the-future brew is choc-full of malty goodness - Flavors of straw, honey and toast, along with notes of toasty hazelnut lent by the brown malt, and a crisp hoppy bite in the finish, this beer is perfect for pairing with our infamous Indulgence burger or the Dogfish fish and chips.

Due to limited availability, Flux Capacitor is not available in growlers.







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