Florida Peach Marmalade

Fruited Sour Ale

The flavor-filled fun continues with the second release in our annual tArt Series at Dogfish Head Miami! This marmalade beer experiment features a Florida grown fruit that's pureed and added to the mash tun with sugar and heat to simulate the marmalade cooking process. Inspired by a delicious summer dessert, Florida Peach Marmalade is remiscent of the classic peach cobbler. With a rich peach marmalade flavor, a biscuit malt flavor was layered in, as well as a bit of creaminess from the oats and nutmeg spice in the whirlpool. Finally, once the beer had fermented, we steeped in some lemon zest and vanilla bean to complete our ode to a delicious summer dessert!  

The can features lively artwork from this year’s selected local artist, Venezuelan-born Alex Izaguirre (also known as MAMÚT), who brings a passion for graphic design that’s strongly linked to music, social justice and use of color to each new beer release.

Can in front of Dogfish Miami sign







Miami Exclusive

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Hazy, amber, off-white foam top

Lemon peel, vanilla, nutmeg, peach, apricot, clove

Rich peach and lemon zest up front, marshmallow, and nutmeg to follow

Creamy, long finish