A-Flat Ale

Brewed in collaboration between Pub Brewer Ben Potts and Nicholas Swiger, one of our off-centered servers, A-Flat Ale is an oatmeal stout brewed with roasted black walnuts and aged on house toasted black walnut wood staves.  Originally inspired by the different woods used to make different toned guitars, Nicholas wanted to incorporate both the “fruit” of the trees and the wood that would then be used to make the different types of guitar.  Instead of using all of the woods, which might create a muddled flavor, we decided to strictly focus on walnut to incorporate into an Oatmeal Stout to see what the specific effects would be.  The result is a complex spicy stout with notes of earth, roasty acidity, and a mocha-like finish.  The walnuts lend a mild nutty character while oats add to a luscious velvety mouth feel.  To enhance the profile of this tasty breakfast stout, we carbonated with a blend of Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide and will pour it from a Nitro Faucet in order to really bring out the creamy mouth feel of this complex stout.  This roasty brew will go best with our wood grilled offerings.

Wall’n Oats presents A-Flat Ale will be tapped on Friday 4/18/14 and will be available until it's gone!







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