Every Friday afternoon at our Milton Brewery every co-worker looks forward to hanging with each other and friends at a little gathering in the tasting room that we like to call beer:30. This year, Halloween just so happens to fall on a Friday, along with the release of a new Double IPA at the pub that we are right properly dubbing Fear:30, for the spookiest Beer:30 gathering of the year.  

Brewed with a blend of incredible fruit-forward hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest, Australia and New Zealand, this beer than got dosed with local wildflower honey and both pineapple and soursop fruit puree. The pineapple and soursop both contribute similar tropical flavors which are perfectly complemented by the hop varieties employed in this frightfully drinkable IIPA. You'll pick up huge notes of Juicyfruit bubblegum, pineapple, mango, melon, citrus and fresh-cut grass, backed by a mellow light malt profile.  







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