El Diablo Verde

El Diablo Verde is the first beer from our co-worker Small-Batch Brewing Program to make it to the taps of the brewpub. This program encourages any Dogfish Head co-worker with an off-centered brew idea to team up with a couple co-workers and create their beer on our 10 gallon Sabco Brew-Magic system at the brewery in Milton. (click here for a story on the program and the beer!)

These beers are then informally judged by all co-workers during our weekly Beer:30 on Friday afternoons. The highest scoring brew from each quarter then moves on to have their beer scaled up at the brewpub.

El Diablo was the winner for the first round of brews, which were all made in the last quarter of 2011, and was brought to life by Lou Carrazzone and Ryan Harvey, both brewers in Milton.

As the name suggests The Green Devil is a hoppy double IPA brewed with heaping amounts of jalapeno pepper and cilantro. The aroma is full of jalapeno twang and a grassy green brightness intermingled with citrusy hops. Jalapeno hits the taste buds first with heat up front and a delicious smack of hops with a malty middle and bitter finish. Undoubtedly the quintessential pairing for our Fish Tacos.

El Diablo goes on tap Monday, 3/5/12 and will be available until it is gone.

Due to limited availability, El Diablo Verde is not available in growlers.







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