Dorchester Ale

The 5th installment in the Province Ale Company beer series is a peculiar brew that was “by many esteemed the best in England, when the materials are good, and the management judicious.” 

Province Ale Co

To that end we acquired the finest English Fuggles and East Kent Golding hops, along with traditional English Pale Ale malt and a true British Cask yeast strain to ferment the elixir.  And of course our management was extremely judicious.  Contrary to the typical method of adding hops directly to the kettle, the hops for this brew were added to two separate teas – the first made the previous night before and aloud to “digest” the evening, the second done just before mashing in using hops that were rubbed with coarse sea salt.  The first tea was added as liquid only, while the entire briny mixture of the second was added in entirety, hops and all.  To add to the unique character of this brew, fresh Ginger Root and ground Cinnamon were employed to add a bright spring-like spiciness to flavor and aroma of this antique ale.  Bready and herbal in the nose, Dorchester Ale is malty up front with notes of alcohol heat and subtle spice from the ginger and cinnamon; with a subtle salty finish that builds as you sip.  From Nicolo and Ragged Jordan – we hope you enjoy this ale as much as we enjoyed brewing it!

Dorchester Ale will be tapped on Saturday, May 18, 2013. We'll also have some Province Ale Co. food specials to pair with it that day.

Due to limited availability, Dorchester Ale is not available in growlers.







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