Dirty Fermentini

Dirty Fermentini isthe latest collaboration between Dogfish Head and BeerAdvocate founders Jason & Todd Alstrm for the 2012 Extreme Beer Festival in Boston, February 3rd- 5th. The beer is being tapped here at the Pub in conjunction with the debut at the festival on the 4th. The theme of this beer is Extreme Session, so Sam and the Bros set out to create a unique brew at 5% ABV to prove that beer doesnt necessarily have to be high in alcohol to be considered Extreme. The result is a brew based on a Dirty Martini, utilizing olives as a funky and off-centered ingredient which, to our knowledge, has never been used in a beer before. Along with the olives, the botanicals used in our Small Batch Distilled Jin whole leaf cascade hops, juniper, black peppercorn, coriander, orange peel, lemon peel, and angelica root were all added to a blonde ale base which was then fermented dry with an ale yeast originating from a popular London brewery (as a nod to the popularity of Gin in the Mother Country). This one-of-a-kind ale is characterized by spicey juniper and floral pepper notes combined with a splash of citrus which then gives way to a rich earthiness contributed by the olives. Extreme ingredients and process, without a hit-you-over-the-head alcohol content, make this beer a fun pint to drink that wont leave you wondering where you left your keys the following morning. Cheers!

Due to limited availability, Dirty Fermentini will not be available in growlers.







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