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Desert Sage Bravo is a 5% abv American Wheat Beer brewed with all Bravo Hops and White Sage & Wild Mint Tea from Juniper Ridge, purveyors of Wild Fragrances. 

Juniper Ridge, wilderness in your glass! 

Juniper Ridge, helped us put wilderness in your glass!

Juniper Ridge is a company focused on all natural sustainably harvested and foraged ingredients to make beautiful natural fragrances and flavors represented of the Pacific Northwest of America.  Bravo is a newer Pacific Northwest hop variety characterized by its strong herbal minty notes, perfectly complementing the "rich, earthy, minty" flavors of the tea.  This beer has big notes of sage brush, dried juniper and wild mint in the nose, which give way to a clean wheat malt middle in the flavor with a long woody and minty finish that lingers on the tongue. 

A perfect  refresher for the long hot Sussex County summer days, this collaboration effort will hit taps and tongues beginning Friday, June 13th, for our 2014 Analog A-Go-Go weekend, both at the pub and at our Milton Brewery (cask version).

Due to limited availability, our Brewpub Exclusives are not available for growler fills.



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