Czechsum Function

Czechsum Function is a Czech Pilsner, brewed with all pilsner malt and Czech Saaz hops and fermented with a Czech Pilsner yeast strain.  In the small town of Pilzen, the Czechs were the first to brew this style of beer during the mid 19th century before it took over world dominance of people’s taste buds. Despite what most typically know as “pilsner” these days, the original brew had a wonderful malt body with a soft but crisp herbal bitterness from the use of the town’s local hops, Saaz.  This beer follows that frame work with a nice clean malt body with a touch of honey sweetness and a nuanced spicey floral hop character in both the nose and flavor.  This one is definitely for quaffing on a sunny day!  This beer is great with the Dog Pile or Fish Tacos

Brewed first in Spring of 2012, another batch of Czechsum Function will be tapped on 5/24/13 and will be available until it isn't.

Due to limited availability,Czechsum Function is not available in growlers.







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