A Curious Arrangement of Stars

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, A Curious Arrangement of Stars is brewed from the finest light pilsner malt and Malted Corn for snappy malt flavor, accented by just the right hint of tropical mango and zesty lime. The beer’s delicate flavor and dry finish pair perfectly with the barbacoa tacos, buffalo wings, or monk fish and our fish and chips at Brewings & Eats!!

A can of 'A Curious Arrangement of Stars' on top of a table. To the right is a Dogfish Head pint glass filled with the Mexican-styled lager






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Mexican-style Lager


Light Straw in color and brilliantly clear with fluffy white foam

Light Malt, A Breeze of Tropical Fruit, A Hint of Lime, A Whiff Fresh Corn Tortilla

Clean and bright with just a hint of tropical notes and a slight lime bite

Snappy, crisp with a dry finish and a hint of pucker