The Citratic Equation

A single-hopped unfiltered India Pale Lager exploring the wonderful world of Citra hops.  Four methods of hopping were used to make this complex bottom fermented beer: first the beer was mash-hopped at one pound per bbl, then a First-Wort addition - a method of adding aroma addition hops to the boil kettle during the sparge and run-off (before the boil), normal bittering/flavor/aroma kettle additions during the boil, and finally the beer was dry hopped at a half pound per barrel in the fermenter.  The combination of techniques allows for the ultimate Citra hop experience, fully integrated into the brew by adding different flavor, aroma, and bittering properties with each method.  The result is a pale golden hued lager with clean toasted bready malt notes combined with hints of honey and a predominant citrusy mango hop character, with smooth bitterness that belies the measured 106 IBU’s.

The Citratic Equation will be tapped on Friday, 9/13/13 and will be available until it is gone.

Due to limited availability, our Brewpub Exclusive beers are not available for growler fills.







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