When you Google the definition of Bricolage, the first thing that pops up is this: (in art or literature) Construction or creation from a diverse range of available things. This style-defying ale lives up to this definition. When our pub brewery Ben arrived at Dogfish there were LOTS of various grains and ingredients left over from numerous off-centered ales brewed before him. So, he set out to brew a dark saison-ish styled beer utilizing many of the various available things that he had to work with. Coincidentally, this also corresponds with the true spirit of the saison style during the 19th century and earlier, every harvest season the farmers of Belgium would take all of the left over grain from the previous seasons harvest sometimes barley, rye, wheat, spelt, or whatever else the farmer happened to grow - and would brew beers to make way for the fresh grain that would be hauled in from the fields. This complex yet easily drinkable ale was brewed with 9 different types of malt and grain: pilsner, wheat, rye, oats, rauch (smoked), munich, Special B, caramunich, and aromatic. Along with those, Buckwheat honey, sorghum syrup, dark Belgian candi syrup, and molasses were added in the kettle along with Grains of Paradise, Long Pepper, and Rosea root powder, and a special unnamed variety of hops from the Pacific Northwest, which are yet to be put into production. It was then fermented with two types of yeast, including one from Belgiums most popular Saison brewery. The marriage of all of these various ingredients resulted in Bricolage, a delicately nuanced ale that leaves one discovering new flavors with each and every sip.

Bricolage will be tapped at the Rehoboth Beach brewpub on Monday, 1/23/12 and will be available until it is gone.

Due to limited availablity, Bricolage is not available in growlers.







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