Beyond The Bowl

One of our favorite things to do is to learn about our fellow co-workers ... and the best way to do that is by brewing a beer together! Beyond The Bowl is the result of conversations and hang-out sessions with our all-star HR co-workers, during which we bonded over our shared love for a particular breakfast cereal. 

Inspired by this breakfast cereal, Beyond The Bowl is brewed from three types of oats and a bit of wheat for toasty goodness. These flavors are further amplified by a generous amount of toasted coconut. Spiced with royal cinnamon, cinnamon tree leaves and nutmeg, this nitro-poured mild ale is rounded out by a splash of milk sugar for a creamy, smooth mouthfeel and just a touch of sweetness. 

Please note: No breakfast cereal was used in the brewing of Beyond The Bowl!







Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Oat Ale


Light brown with white foam

Notes of cinnamon, spice, toasted oats and coconut

Notes of toasted oats, cinnamon and sweet spice

Creamy and smooth with a medium-light bodied